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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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BioWikis - Wiki sites, tools and technologies for analysis and display of biological data
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Dan Bolser
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User:Dan Bolser or User:dmb000006 (on WP)
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The phenomenal success of the Wikipedia project has prompted a movement towards developing wikis for science. The wiki approach affords several advantages over the traditional scientific knowledge bases:

  • Wikis are cheap, employing 'the wisdom of the crowd' for timely and stable content generation.
  • Wikis build communities, facilitating interaction between project stakeholders as well as the wider public.
  • Wikis are innovative. In future, wikis customized for scientific data analysis will form part of the framework of science.

With exponentially growing volumes of biological data, the opportunity to harness wiki technology for the analysis and display of biological data has never been greater. I'd like to invite several speakers from the field of 'BioWikis' to present the case for developing extensions for (eventual) use within Wikipedia, and for discussing how to leverage Wikipedians for the task of annotating biological data.

(Shameless) about me:

I took this text from a competition entry, and I'm too lazy to make it less shameless... just to give you an idea that I'm a part of the BioWiki community (but I'm not as great as all that).

I have consistently been at the forefront of the community drive towards the adoption of scientific wikis, as demonstrated by the following list of selected achievements:

  1. First place in the International BioWiki Competition for the MetaBase project, 2007.
  2. Co­authored a 'Letter to Science', The emerging world of wikis, 320:1289, 2008.
  3. PDBWiki featured in a Nature Special, Big data: Wikiomics, 455:22, 2008.
  4. PDBWiki poster accepted at the International Biocuration Conference, 2009.
  5. Elected to the Board of Directors at Bioinformatics.Org, in part, due to my work with the institutes community wiki, 2009.
  6. SEQwiki project launched, a wiki adjunct to the popular SEQanswers forum, 2009.
  7. PDBWiki manuscript published, Added value through community annotation of the Protein Data Bank, Database (Oxford press), baq009, 2010.
  8. Personally quoted in Nature News, No rest for the bio­wikis, 468:359, 2010.
  9. On the scientific committee and keynote speaker at the first international BioWiki conference, NETTAB, 2010.
  10. Established the BioWiki community mailing list, attracting more than 70 members, 2010.
    1. Established a 'meta' index of BioWikis.
  11. Invited to co­author a review paper for Bioinformatics (Oxford press), due 2011... Oh dear... I never wrote it...
  12. Published two papers in the Nucleic Acids research Database Special Issue as part of their 'BioWiki call'.
    1. SEQwiki - a wiki database of tools for high-throughput sequencing analysis, D1313, 2012.
    2. MetaDatabase - the wiki-database of biological databases, D1250, 2012

I can provide links to all of the above if you're interested.

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25 Minutes
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  • I hope to do so.
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