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Bots and Wikipedia: It's OK to be lazy!
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Gaëtan Landry
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Bots Approvals Group on the English Wikipedia
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My experience in several large-scopes on-Wiki collaborations, and as a member of the English Wikipedia's Bots Approvals Group (BAG) has led me to make great use of the bot-writing community found on the English Wikipedia, and become familiar with several bot-related topics. In this talk, I would like to share this experience with others, and discuss a few bots and semi-automated tools, and their impact on Wikipedia. Particularly:

While the talk will focus on my experience with the English Wikipedia, many topics will also be relevant to other languages. The talk will not be highly-technical in nature, and no programming experience is required to enjoy it.

  • Technology and Infrastructure
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25 Minutes
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Probably, although I can't 100%-guarantee I will be there if my talks are not accepted.
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The talk will be in English, but I can answer question in French.
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I have no special request

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