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Building a Chat feature on MediaWiki
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Tomasz Odrobny, Danny Horn
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Tomasz Odrobny
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Poland, USA
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Last year, Wikia built a new Chat feature for our wiki communities. Using an IRC base wouldn't give us the functionality that we needed, so we built our own chat using Node.js, Backbone.js and Redis.

Each wiki community has its own chat room, so we needed to build a feature that could scale up to a site with 3 million users in thousands of active chat rooms. So far, we've hit a peak of 4,000 chat users in a day, with 2,000 simultaneous connections in 600 chat rooms -- all on one server!

The Chat feature is completely integrated with our wikis; it shares the login session with the wiki account, and uses the same user profile information, avatars, edit counts, and user rights. It uses core MediaWiki internationalization, and allows some wikitext syntax.

In this session, we will demonstrate the feature, and describe how we overcame the technical challenges.

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25 Minutes
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