Submissions/Changing behavior: how to turn non editor to a very active user (Free Your Knowledge Wikipedia Competition experience)

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Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010 (Free Your Knowledge 2010)
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Changing behavior: how to turn non editor to a very active user (Free Your Knowledge Wikipedia Competition experience)
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Siska Doviana
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siska.doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
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Wikimedia Indonesia
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Free Your Knowledge 2010 wikipedia writing competition was first introduced to increase the numbers of very active contributor in Indonesian language Wikipedia. It targeted 10 universities and the successful measurement is very clear using Wikipedia very active user statistic. Its result can not be fabricated. What is new about the approach is it is using a behavior change tactics, ones that being used in health programs and advertising agencies as a "buy drive", similar to "Fear Factor" reality shows when the shows make people eat cockroaches and pays them nothing. The competition is highly regulated and monitored throughout, either it is 72 days (shortest) or 7 months (longest) in three different languages wikipedia and it's been consistently showing the same result.

I would like to ask people to think outside the box, the competition is fierce, mean, and during implementation shows no intention to make the participants as part of the community. The system design send a clear message: "Don't be nice, be clear, be constructive, contribute or get out." Yet it is successful, when people usually "ride" wikipedia to get what they want, I would like to claim that this is the kind of event that actually "ride them back" and force them to contribute. The talk also will cover on how the future system could apply in academic setting and become sustainable.

  • WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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20 Minutes
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