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Crowdsourcing a Free and Open Curriculum

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Rob Baker

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United States

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For two years, our company, TechChange, a DC-based eLearning company with focus in the ICT field, has run online and in-classroom training courses focused on the role of technology in emergency management, humanitarian response, journalism, and the classroom. Our model rethinks online learning, promoting a model that is flexible, practical, social, and, yes, fun.

As part of those courses, we include a list of related materials for participants to review as it relates to the topic: reports, articles, blog posts, videos, etc. These are contributions from thought-leaders, developers, and practitioners in our field, most of them freely distributed to further discourse and share ideas.

As TechChange draws from open-source communities, part of our mission is to make sure we're crediting those sources and giving back in every channel we can. We want to bring this process of collecting materials lists into the open and capture this sharing. What TechChange is promoting is an open-course curriculum, one that allows the community to freely contribute resources to these materials lists, whether visitors are registered course participants or not. Recognizing that a true curriculum is not simply a collecton of materials, TechChange plans on using the wiki as a foundation to filter out the best materials for our courses and openly suggest a curated set of those materials for particular topics.


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15 minutes

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