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JoAnne Applebaugh
Affiliation, National Defense University

The world is full of data and information, but sometimes it is this very abundance that keeps us from finding anything truly relevant to what we are trying to learn. Google is great for finding a slew of information, but it is organized based on page rank rather than an individual's research agenda. Wikipedia is the gold standard for encyclopedic knowledge, but it can only get you so far when it comes to pursuing your own research agenda. As for modeling... your model will only ever be as good as the data you use. That is why the Center for Technology and National Security Policy and the Center for Complex Operations at the National Defense University is developing the DataCards Project.

DataCards seeks to create a sort of annotated bibliography for socio-cultural data. As a Semantic MediaWiki, DataCards allows the user to sort information rather than just search it. While the project is still in its infancy, the potential value of the project is great. DataCards will provide value to:

The student trying to avoid the uncomfortable but all-to-common conversation as they are about to wrap up their research project when someone says "... and of course you've looked at X source..." when, no, no they had not. They didn't even know X existed.

The soldier or aid worker in the field who needs a bit of information about the culture, a map of the terrain, or knowledge of recent happenings on the ground near them.

The researcher (or government agency) trying to solve a problem, but seeks to reduce the chances of wasting resources by duplicating the efforts of another relevant study.

DataCards began as an effort to help catalog information for, and increase collaboration opportunities among, those focused on military and humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. It has, however, expanded its geographic and informational scope to a worldwide focus -- and a worldwide audience. Data is an equalizer and a critical element in advancing knowledge and progress -- but only in so far as it is available. DataCards seeks to make it more available to everyone. We are, however, still in our infancy and, like any wiki, we need to develop a base of contributors and users. We also need feedback from people who both understand how a wiki works as well as grasp the potential of the project. We would like the opportunity to present DataCards to the Wikimania community in order to allow them the opportunity to determine how DataCards can benefit them as well as the opportunity for us to get their valuable feedback on how to make the DataCards Project better. :


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