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Delivering Wikis of Scientifically Related Content to the Community
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Antony John Williams and Sean Ekins
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United States of America
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App stores deliver scientific apps for purchase and download. Web searches provide access to information about scientific databases and Wikipedia hosts information about scientists. For apps, scientific databases and scientists the data are certainly “out there”. However, focused resources for each of these types of data are lacking and, as active scientists, we have chosen to resolve the issue by setting up separate but related wikis for managing this information. SciMobileApps is a community wiki for developers, users and reviewers to post information about scientific apps for mobile devices. The SciDBs wiki allows anybody to post information about scientific databases and ScientistsDB is a merge of both Wikipedia based content and community contributed content regarding scientists. On Wikipedia the developers of apps or scientific databases generally are not allowed to post information because of conflict of interest. This is certainly true of a scientist posting a Wiki page about themselves. On our wikis contributions from “interested parties” including those facing potential conflict of interest is encouraged. This poster will report on our progress to date in delivering wikis of value to the scientific community, our success in encouraging contribution and some of the additional capabilities we have introduced to the platforms.
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