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Digital Public Domain
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Melanie Dulong de Rosnay CNRS Creative Commons France Beatriz Busaniche Wikimedia Argentina

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France / Argentina
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Melanie Dulong de Rosnay: CNRS France. Creative Commons France Beatriz Busaniche: Wikimedia Argentina. Creative Commons Argentina

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Access to museums and libraries digital collections is supported by principles of free (libre) reuse of public domain works and cultural public data. Legal and technical tools are available to facilitate sharing, and partnerships with communities of volunteers allow to initiate or complete an expensive process. However, reluctances to use digital commons management instruments which were developed in anglo-saxon countries (Creative Commons, Wikipedia) can slow down cultural heritage open/libre dissemination. Our research project proposes to study in latin countries models of governance, public policies, legal and administrative cultures, and notions of the commons and of the role of state, market and communities. Analysis of experiences of open access and collective governance is expected to allow to adapt open access tools and policies to cultural diversity. In our talk we will address the state of the debate on public domain in countries with a latin tradition, comparing the situation and the initiatives in France, Argentina and other countries like Chile.

We will present different interviews done during the last year with GLAM Institutions and community initiatives to identify good practices and problems to be solved to improve the cooperations between GLAM Institutions and Community projects like Wikimedia.

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25 Minutes
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Don't know yet.

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