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Editing The Visual Editor

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Rob Moen

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Wikimedia Foundation

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As most are aware, the Visual Editor is an exciting new tool for fellow Wikipedians. It simplifies the process of making contributions through providing a superb WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing surface. Which not only makes it easier to edit articles, it lifts the requirement of learning wikitext from the user.

One of the most important, not most commonly known, and most awesome features of the Visual editor is it's extensibility. VE is bundled with a complete set of customizable tools to further enhance the experience of the editor and their efficiency. This allows users or site administrators the ability to add new functionality to the Visual Editor.

The Visual Editor user interface consists of a main toolbar and a context menu for modifying bits of an article. The default tools are: undo / redo, link, bold, italic, and heading style buttons. Additional tools may be added, and the base tools can be extended or removed through the API.

In this talk, we will be exploring the tech behind the tools and demonstrate how to extend and create them from scratch.


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