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Submissions/Engaging editors on Wikipedia: A roadmap of new features

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Title of the submission

Engaging editors on Wikipedia: A roadmap of new features

Date and Time

Thursday, July 12 at 11:30 am - 70 minutes


Room 310 - Marvin Auditorium - George Washington University, Washington DC

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Author of the submission

Fabrice Florin

E-mail address

fflorin at wikimedia dot org


Fabrice Florin

Country of origin

United States

Affiliation, if any (organization, company etc.)

Wikimedia Foundation

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Wikipedia | Twitter | NewsTrust

Abstract (at least 300 words to describe your proposal)

How can new software tools make it easier for editors to improve Wikipedia? How can they grow our editor community? This panel discussion will explore possible solutions to reverse the decline of editors on WIkipedia: from better tools for experienced editors -- to "on-ramps" for new editors.

Wikimedia Foundation representatives and community members will discuss a wide range of features now under development (e.g.: article feedback, page triage and article creation tools) -- as well as new features under consideration (better notifications, profile and messaging improvements). In addition, the foundation also plans to experiment with small changes that can move the needle on editor engagement without requiring extensive development.

Panelists from the Wikimedia Foundation will include:

  • Brandon Harris - Senior Designer
  • Fabrice Florin - Product Manager, Editor Engagement
  • Howie Fung - Director of Product Group
  • Karyn Gladstone - Director of Community Operations
  • OIiver Keyes - Community Liaison, Product Development

As a panel, we will discuss new ways to engage and support Wikipedia editors, from the perspective of different stakeholders: readers, editors, designers, engineers or managers. Each panelist will represent one of these user groups and present their viewpoint, as well as share their own findings from recent investigations.

Join the discussion and help plan our next steps this important initiative.


WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education

Length of presentation/talk

70 Minutes

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