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GLAM professionals panel

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Dominic McDevitt-Parks

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United States

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Wikipedian in Residence, National Archives and Records Administration

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This panel will provide a venue to hear from GLAM professionals in their own voice about their experiences working with Wikipedia. It will bring together various professionals involved in Wikimedia collaborations who are not (or were not originally) Wikipedians. They are the unsung heroes of GLAM-Wiki—the people who took a chance on Wikipedia... and have to answer for it! This panel will be of particular interest to other interested GLAM professionals, since professionals can explain and connect to others in their field in a way that Wikimedians might not be able to. As well, Wikimedians in the audience stand to learn much from them about how to approach GLAMs and successfully work with them.

Any GLAM professionals who are not already holding their own session and would feel more comfortable with the lesser commitment of speaking briefly on a panel will be especially encouraged to join. I am aiming for 3-5 panelists speaking 10 minutes each, plus time for questions at the end.

Confirmed panelists:
Pamela Wright, Chief Digital Access Strategist, National Archives and Records Administration
Bob Kosovsky, Librarian, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts
Patrick Timony, Adaptive Services Librarian, District of Columbia Public Library
  • GLAM
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~60 Minutes
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