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Getting ebooks on Wikisource : a first step to a Semantic Digital Library ?
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Thomas Pellissier Tanon and Thibaut Horel
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thomaspt (at] hotmail (dot] fr
Tpt and Zaran
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To improve the quality of Wikisource a majority of contributors use the Proofread Page extension created by ThomasV in 2007. Unfortunately, this important extension (which use extensively transclusions) broke some features of installed extensions, like the PDF Writer. Two contributors from the French wikisource developed an export tool, Wsexport. As uploading ePub files is not allowed to Wikimedia Commons because a ePub sanitizer has to be written, the tool is an online means of creating texts in ePub format. Based on a new microformat and Proofread Page extension, this tool is very easy to deploy by the community members. It was created for French Wikisource, but it's now available on most active projects like de, en, fr or it. The export tool can be used directly from its page on, or browsing

At first, we will provide a feedback on the realisation of the export tool, the avantages and inconvenients of the microformat, the great opportunity that the export tools is for Wikisource. Then we'll talk about features that could be create with a build-in semantic system.Semantic could improve the usability of the editing system and increase reusability of the information.

Topics covered will include :

  • Demo
  • Features : Epub, OPDS catalog
  • Next steps : new files formats, extension for mediawiki, statistics module
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Technology and Infrastructure
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25 Minutes
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