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Submissions/Have you heard about the Uzbek Wikipedia? Neither have the Uzbeks.

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Have you heard about the Uzbek Wikipedia? Neither have the Uzbeks.
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The Uzbek Wikipedia was started in 2006 and has today about 8,000 articles. Since last Wikimania, access to the Uzbek Wikipedia is blocked in Uzbekistan. A message on the main page of the Uzbek Wikipedia says, that the reasons and terms of the block are undisclosed.

Another problem of the Uzbek Wikipedia is that many Uzbeks seem to prefer the Russian Wikipedia edition -- not only because it is not blocked, but also because it is much more comprehensive, and a majority of the Uzbek population is quite fluent in Russian.

While the world community is creating, editing, and using articles in their mother tongue, Uzbeks do not fully enjoy these activities. There was one wiki-conference in Tashkent in 2007 with the students of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies aimed to spread knowledge about the Uzbek Wikipedia among students. But, attempts to attract editors, particularly students, e.g. by prize contests, did not succeed.

This talk will present the Uzbek Wikipedia, it's contributor community, and hopes to gain feedback on how to improve its growth.

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