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Submissions/Is my grandmother able to contribute

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Title of the submission
Is my grandmother able to contribute ? Improvements for the newbies
Type of submission
open presentation
Author of the submission
Benoît Evellin
E-mail address
Trizek (talk)
Country of origin
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Wikimedia France
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Since (and during) my residence at the Palace of Versailles, one question is in my mind : is my grandmother able to contribute ? In September 2011, mine wasn't.

At Versailles, as a Wikipedia trainer, I have answered many questions about Wikipedia, and seen how people begin to contribute on Wikipedia. Since September, on French Wikipedia, has been started a big project, in order to improve the first steps for the newbies, inform and help them. This projetc includes the Help pages project, the Mentoring project (Service de parrainage actif) and the Counter-Vandalism Unit (Patrouille RC). With other editors, we are trying to inform people on what is Wikipedia (and is not), improve the user experience, in order to gain the loyalty of new users and renew the community. We also look at the future improvements on Wikipedia' software MediaWiki, like LiquidThreads or the WYSIWYG interface.

We are currently working steps by steps, and we haven't finish yet. This presentation is about our philosophy, the tools we choose, and the results of this project. And I hope to introduce my Grandmother as a new user !

WikiCulture and Community
Length of presentation/talk
15 Minutes
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I'll have slides
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