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Metaphysics and the Future of Humanity
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Zach Lipsitz
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Zach Lipsitz
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United States
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My proposal is a brief lecture in the form of a 25 slide PowerPoint Presentation. As such, I will be discussing three main topics:

  1. the fundamental connection between concepts of reality and moral values,
  2. the nature of reality, and
  3. the potential socio-economic future of humanity in the form of a Resource-Based Economic Model. My philosophical discourse will contain scientific, egalitarian, and humanistic elements concerning the implementation of a fundamentally novel socio-economic system, with a brief ontological framework of the universe providing its foundational basis. Topics of metaphysical discussion will include consciousness, humanity, the Universe, human needs, natural laws, God, reincarnation, karma, and the notion of an afterlife. Philosophically, I will be discussing the empirical data associated with the naturalistic topics and the epistemological problems associated with the supernaturalistic ones. In doing so, I hope to convince listeners that, as of now, we can only know unequivocally of the existence of naturalistic forces. The reason for this endeavor is to create a logically coherent framework with which to intelligently discuss socio-economical systems. Additionally, I intend to draw a necessary connection between the quality of the socio-economic system in which humanity operates, and the amount of people to which knowledge is freely available, i.e., if people are impoverished and starving, they will not have access to technologies associated with informational sites such as Wikipedia. In following with this, I will attempt to demonstrate a Resource-Based Economic Model to be the greatest source for worldwide epistemic enlightenment.

Regarding myself: I am currently attending Howard Community College as an undergraduate in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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