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Polish anti-ACTA protest from Wikimedia Polska perspective
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Tomasz Ganicz
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polimerek at
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Wikimedia Polska
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Anti ACTA demonstration by the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, 11 February 2012
First day of protests in Warsaw
In January/February 2012, after it was found that Polish government is about to semi-secretly sign ACTA treaty (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), several NGO-s involved in internet-related discussions with Polish authorities, decided to organize a street and media protests. The number of people which spontaneously joined the protests (30000 in Kraków, 2 x 15000 in Warsaw, 10000 in Poznan etc.) despite hard weather conditions (-15 deg C), surprised even the organizers.
As it was just after the December 2011 block-out of English Wikipedia, many protesters expected similar action to happen in Polish Wikipedia. Polish OTRS, and official Wikimedia Polska E-mail boxes were flooded by hundreds of E-mails asking to perform protest in Wikipedia, which is quite often seen as flagship project of free internet. 6 of 14 NGO-s from Coalition for Open Education [1], which was co-established by Wikimedia Polska in 2008 were also pushing us to join the protests. Wikipedia community and Wikimedia Polska association – both having the basic rule to be politically neutral appeared suddenly and unexpectedly in the very center of political, anti-governmental movement. Attempts to organize a block-out of Polish Wikipedia in 3 days, totally failed. The Polish Wikipedia community as well as the members of the Board of Wikimedia Polska were divided for those who supported, not-supported or wanted to stay neutral. In eyes of protesters Polish Wikipedia community lost their face – as in eyes of general public it was still connected with protests, despite block-out not happened.
The lecture will provide the in-sight view of this strange situation, how we coped with it, and what should be done for the future to make Wikimedia community respond in more reasonable way for such crisis situations.

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Wikis and the Public Sector
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