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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

Submission no. 509
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Quo vadis, Wikiquote?
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Steffen Proessdorf
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There is a small sister project nearly nobody is talking about: Wikiquote. In my opinion WQ has a high potential to be a well known project, too. I want active "Wikiquoters" to compare notes and exchange experiences of specific problems of those project.

Primary I want to find ways with active members of other language versions of Wikiquote to solve the main problem of our project: The inconsistence of quotes stored on author's page and on the theme pages. I believe the Wikimania could be the best way to put this problem on focus and find a solution for all language versions together.

Concerning to the point above: If we could find solutions for these problem, I would help to realise this solutions on German WQ as a pilot project for the other ones. Especially German Wikiquote needs technical evolution urgently, because the project - although is it one of the most substantial on international comparison - is keeping alive by very very few active users.

Secondary we should discuss, which way WQ has to go in the future. Which content should it have (quotes by people, movie quotes, quotes from computer games)? What parts we should bring into focus? How to deal with topical quotes?

If there will be some Wikiquote users at Wikimania, it could be an interesting and profitable discussion.

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50 Minutes
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