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Submissions/Role of Wikipedia in the popularization of non Latin script computing: A Perspective from Tamil Wikipedia experience.

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Role of Wikipedia in the popularization of non Latin script computing: A Perspective from Tamil Wiki experience.
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Computing in non latin scripts are not popular, not easy and uninteresting (except few languagues). For example, the content for the Indian languages (Indic languages) in the internet is very low. Let it be information or software. There are several reasons like lack of expertise in typing in non latin scripts, lack of comprehensive and accessible technical dictionary, lack of motivation, etc. Wikipedia along other projects like wiktionary, wikisource, wikibooks, wikinews, commons, wikiquote, etc., has changed the scenario. Wikis are very good source of information for the non latin languages. Wiktionary is becoming a very good inter-language general and technical dictionary. The introduction of phonetic typing and native keyboard typing support while editing wiki in local languages has removed the barrier in typing Indic scripts. Now it has become so easy to create content in local languages. If someone have to translate an article or software then they need not worry about their vocabulary, thanks to the wiktionary project. Content not only limited to text but also like pictures, Videos, sound clippings have enhanced the growth of language in e-medium. Wikipedia is an excellent platform to document the language and the culture too.

I would like to share how it happened in non latin script languages from the perspective of Tamil Wikis which is one of the languages spoken in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and other countries by 66 million people. Personally I was believing that it is difficult to type in non latin script languages. But after attending one of the wiki workshops I found how easy it is to create content in non latin scripts. I wish to inspire others also in the same way to create content in the languages spoken in their region. I wish to explore more about how to make creating content in local languages still more easier and better. Also how to use wikis to learn a completely new language and how to contribute in languages you never knew!

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