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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Drawing SVG with Text Editor
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Terence Yuen
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wrightbus at gmail dot com
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Hong Kong
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Wikimedia Hong Kong Chapter
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SVG is one of vector graphic file format available for webpages, and is the recommended format of uploading logos, national or municipal flags to Wikimedia Projects. Inkscape is the most popular free software of creating SVG graphics. But I think complicated code like floating numbers generated by software is not necessary for graphic which is not complicated and can be done perfectly with only a text editor.

I used text editor to draw municipal logos and symbols of Hong Kong and Japan according to specifications. Since these logos usually contain only geometric shapes like polygons, circles, lines or arcs, many of them can be drawn perfectly with simple codes and integers. So I would like to share my experience of creating SVG logos.

Moreover, I experienced that glitches have been appeared in one of my work by using built-in renderer. So I would like to share my ways of preventing glitches as well.

Partial list of my drawings can be found at commons:User:Wrightbus/SVG Works.

The structure of my presentation will be as follows.

  • Translation and Rotation - One of my criteria of drawing SVG logos is to avoid using floating point numbers if possible. To translate an element horizontally or vertically to distance containing irrational factor like square root of 2 or 3, it can be done by using sine theorem in mathematics. I would like to demonstrate how it works by using my works as examples.
  • Glitch Prevention - In one of my SVG drawing, the code is rendered fine in web browsers, but glitches appeared in rasterized image after uploading to Wikimedia projects. Actually there are unknown errors inside the built-in SVG to PNG renderer of MediaWiki system. This example will be demonstrated to rectify the issue.
  • Validation - Like HTML documents, a valid SVG document is not only a source code which can be rendered in web browsers, but also no errors or warnings to be appeared if checked through W3C online validator. I have seen that there are many SVG documents uploaded in Wikimedia Projects have warnings by using the validator to check. So I would like to state the causes of warnings in these files and ways to rectify these issues.
WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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15 to 25 Minutes
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