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State of GLAM-WIKI in the US
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Lori Byrd Phillips
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United States
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US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation
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The position of US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator is currently being supported by the Wikimedia Foundation in an effort to establish a self-sustaining GLAM-Wiki community in the United States. This presentation will report on the current status of GLAM-Wiki US goals and activities, providing context within the framework of Then, Now, and Beyond.

Goals of the US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator include:

  • Establishing a system for connecting local Wikipedians with interested cultural institutions;
  • Completing documentation and building capacity to scale volunteer efforts;
  • Developing a self-service model for institutions to connect with Wikipedia via the GLAM/US portal;
  • Compiling resources that facilitate cultural professionals and academics contributing their expertise to Wikimedia projects;
  • Identifying missing tools and liaising with technical volunteers to promote their creation and improvement; and
  • Developing a model for partnerships with cultural institutions that becomes self-sustaining by 2013.

This presentation will describe the state of GLAM-Wiki in the United States within the context of…

Then: Background on the perception of Wikimedia as a tool for furthering missions in cultural institutions, and how far the concept of GLAM-Wiki has come in the US over the past two years.
Now: A description of the work that has gone into developing an infrastructure for GLAM-Wiki coordination in the United States, including community engagement at events such as GLAMcamp DC and GLAM outreach at professional conferences.
And Beyond: Recommendations for the US Cultural Partnership Coordinator’s position in the second half of 2012, requests of the community and the Foundation, and methods for ensuring success of all stated goals through the coordinated efforts of the Wikimedia community in the US and beyond.
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25 Minutes
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