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Could Public Libraries build Super-Local Portals? Experience from a project initiated by Stockholm County Library on the Swedish language version of Wikipedia
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Mr. Einar Spetz
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Stockholm County Library
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Super-Local Portals (Ortsportaler in Swedish) was a project in 5 smaller municipalities in the Stockholm area. The project, which run between 2010-2012, was initiated by the Stockholm County Library. The objective was to develop Super-Local Portals in which super-local content from the Swedish language version of Wikipedia was compiled and packaged in the shape of portals (Portal:Contents/Portals).

The project aimed to improve and to enlarge already existent articles and to write new articles if necessary, further to take relevant pictures, alternatively to use the libraries' archive picture material. The five participating local public libraries aimed to investigate how Wikipedia could be used as a platform for reaching new target groups, individuals, organisations. Another objective was to look in to how the libraries would benefit from Wikipedia as a new platform when working with local history topics.

Wikis and the Public Sector
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25 Minutes
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