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Supporting tools for a diversified Wikipedia

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Angelika Adam, Anselm Metzger, Kai Nissen, Fabian Flöck, Felix Keppmann

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Angelika Adam (WMDE)

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Wikimedia Deutschland, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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The German Wikimedia Chapter is partner in an EU-funded research project RENDER (Reflecting Knowledge Diversity), which concerns about information diversity in the WWW and in particular in Wikipedia. Information diversity is a necessity for quality in Wikipedia. A Wikipedia article has to cover its topic in an all-embracing and balanced way to reach high quality and ensure the encyclopedic worth.

In a first step, we identified three use case scenarios, which describes, how the developments in this project could support Wikipedia users in creating, improving and take care of high quality article content:

  • Display warnings when detecting patterns of bias to readers: By helping users to understand if and how content is potentially biased, they can adapt their reception of a topic accordingly.
  • Notifying authors that an article needs to be updated: Editors should be guided to outdated articles and supported to complete them with timely information.
  • Incentivizing readers to extend articles: Readers should be encouraged to spot missing or incorrect facts or viewpoints in an article and to become authors to remedy the issue.

During this research project, we will develop supporting tools and to test their usability. At this time we are working on the following approaches:

  • A quality assessment overview tool, which allows a user to get a fast insight into a Wikipedia article concerning the quality and in particular different aspects of diversity, like fact coverage, timeliness and neutrality. We plan to include further different metrics and quality assessment tools, which were developed by other developers.
  • A working list generator, which enables an established author to create individualised lists of articles, which need some maintenance. The users will be able to choose certain categories and lacks of different quality aspects during the creation, e.g. create a list of biological articles which are probably out of date.

We will present the current state of work and discuss our plans and ideas for the future. Our aim is to inform the Wikipedia community of our work, and to offer them to be involved, especially in order to use their expertise and experience with dealing with the topics of knowledge diversity in Wikipedia and the requirements for usage of these supporting tools.


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