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Sustaining Veteran Editors, or Why I left Wikipedia
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Jeff Schneider
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I was a very active Wikipedia editor from 2008-2011. While there were many reasons I am no longer very active with the project, I feel that a lack of support for experienced contributors was a major factor. My presentation will take an objective look on how the experience for veteran editors can be improved.

There is clearly an emphasis on outreach and welcoming of new editors. It seems that most current coverage of the Wikimedia Foundation in the media relates to the welcome campaign for new editors. Also, it can be argued that Wikipedia's administrators have an inherit collaborative and supportive foundation - most of their work involves contributions from other administrators in highly visible efforts.

Experienced Wikipedia editors come in many forms: An editor working on taking his or her article from "Good" to "Featured", gnomes who are constantly removing unsourced additions to articles, categorizers developing hierarchical trees. How does Wikipedia give the tools and support to develop and retain these editors?

First I would like to look at why these editors may become frustrated, while touching on my experience. Then I would like to explore ways that the experience can be improved. What tools can be provided to help editors trying to locate scarce references? What should editors do when they are sick of vandalism? How can administrators contribute to this effort?

WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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Not yet
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None - I plan to attend all three days

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