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Takeaways from a Wikipedia National Conference that was larger than any Wikimania to date: an Organisers Perspective

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Wikimedia India

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WikiConference India 2011 (WCI) went down in history as the first national level Wikipedia event in India. An event that was attended by over 700 people, and in the words of Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, the largest Wikipedia Conference to date - larger than Wikimania in Israel.

The conference drummed up a lot of national and international interest within Wikimedia as well as in the press. I have interacted with foreign chapters who mentioned that they would be interested to hear how the event went and have recently had a Skype Call with a foreign chapter thinking of replicating the event in their country. This presentation would be aimed at takeaways from my experience as Chairman of the Organising Committee and one of the two foundation fellows who were instrumental in making the event a reality.

In particular, the presentation would deal with:

  • Need: Why the conference was organised?
  • What it took? Mentally and Physically.
  • WMF, Community and Chapter backing
  • Dealing with Mind Boggling Responses: CfP - 550+ submissions, Scholarships - 7000+ applications
  • Outsourcing of some aspects of event management and hiring a PR Company: good or bad?
  • Be on your toes and react quickly (For Example, A barrage of newbie registrations led the Programs Team to include of more academies, English and Indic)
  • What impact it has had on the Community in India (Match-stick impact: Some of it is unbelievable, like a new language Wikipedia started at incubator level and doubling of Chapter membership!)
  • Impact on other outreach activities
  • Impact on the Indic Community in India and outside India (Since a sizable part of the programming was dedicated to Indic Wikipedias)
  • What to avoid [i.e. where we screwed up and you shouldnt :)]
  • What to gear up for in the event of trouble (We had major visa issues and a political protest to deal with!)
  • Sustainability as an annual event
  • Why this sort of event should be replicated in other countries?
  • Impact events like WCI have on Wikimania.

At the end of the presentation, I hope to engage with the audience in a question answer session to see what ideas they can take away from this and what suggestions they have from their experience, what they would have done differently.

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WikiCulture and Community

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25 Minutes
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Depends on whether I get a scholarship

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