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The GLAM handbook
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Lennart Guldbrandsson
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Wikimedia Sverige
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Working with individual galleries, libraries, archives and museums takes a lot of volunteer time. Wouldn't it be great if you could change the entire sector with one Alexandrian cut, in order to get more museums to upload free images, work with Wikipedia and thus make the cultural heritage more available to the public? My thinking was "why yes, that would be great, but how do you do it?" The solution was to seize upon the fact that many GLAM:s are unsure of how copyright work and want more information. They want clear instructions on how to fulfill their mission ("to spread knowledge of the cultural heritage") in the digital age. So, with the help of a few progressive GLAM:s, I started working on a handbook for GLAM:s. In the process I did research, I invited the main GLAM:s in Sweden to help out and asked for what questions they most struggled with, and set a rather short deadline: in less than six months they would have a set of guiding principles, clear steps to take and answers to most of their questions. This project soon attracted a lot of interest from the GLAM sector and higher up, and the handbook is now on it's way to becoming the handbook for GLAM:s in Sweden. Could the same solution work in your country? Come and listen?

  • GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)
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25 Minutes
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Not yet.
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Would prefer a slot early in the day and rather not right before lunch like last time :-)

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