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Submissions/The GLAMwiki toolset project - work in progress

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Title of the submission
The GLAMwiki toolset project - work in progress
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David Haskiya & Maarten Dammers
E-mail address
david.haskiya@kb.nl & maarten@wmnederland.nl
DivadH & Multichill
Country of origin
Sweden & Netherlands
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The Europeana Foundation & Wikimedia Nederland
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In this presentation we will present and report on work in progress in the GLAMwiki toolset project. The project is a collaboration between Wikimedia Netherlands, Wikimedia United Kingdom and Europeana. The purpose of the project is to develop a scalable, maintainable, ease to use system for mass uploading open content from galleries, libraries, archives and museums to Wikimedia Commons and to create GLAM-specific requirements for usage statistics. The project will start in 2012 and will last for at least 12 months with an option to extend to 24 months. The project will not only be focused on European institutions, we're also looking for non-European, non-Europeana GLAMs who want to be pilot content providers in the project.

In more detail the project aims to deliver the following:

Deliverable 1: A GLAM Upload and Download system

  • Content uploading from GLAMs to Wikimedia is currently a manual, tedious and difficult process. To assist and encourage GLAMs to share content with Wikimedia Commons an upload system will be developed that will:
  • Support the major metadata standards and their mappings to Wikimedia Commos templates
  • Allow user friendly creation of mappings between GLAM metadata templates to Wikimedia Commons templates
  • Allow user friendly creation of partnership templates for proper attribution
  • Allow GLAMs uploading content to Wikimedia Commons to preview them prior to final upload and publication
  • Have a plug-in architecture allowing third-part developers to create provider API and format specific plug-ins or plug-ins for specific processes e.g. public domain checking or file transformation
  • Have a specific Europeana plug-in allowing Europeana datasets to be automatically cross-published to Wikimedia Commons
  • Allow for batch export and download of specific GLAM-collections from Wikimedia Commons with metadata output in standard GLAM metadata formats
  • Be able to monitor updates and changes in the uploaded content and metadata and download the changes for re-integration at source ("roundtripping")
  • Have the necessary hooks to communicate with the MediaWiki backend for usage statistics/data analytics
  • The system will conform to the best practices and standards as defined by the Wikimedia Foundation for their Wikimedia Labs development platform.

Deliverable 2: Report on requirements for usage and re-usage statistics for GLAM content

  • Existing tools for GLAM metrics and statistics don’t fulfil all the needs for metrics from GLAMs. As part of this project a full report will be written on GLAM needs of usage statistics and the desired tool support for those needs. The report will be based on:
  • Curators and collection managers will be interviewed to form the basis of business requirements
  • Wikipedians who have liaised with GLAMs will be interviewed to form the basis of business requriements
  • The Wikimedia Foundation Data Analytics team will be interviewed to get a technical understanding of the affordances offered by the statistics back-end
  • Existing tools for statistics will be evaluated
  • A mock-up prototype of a GLAM usage statistics dashboard will be developed
GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)
Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes
Will you attend Wikimania if your submission is not accepted?
No for David (sorry, working for a EU-project travelling outside of the EU is a hassle) & yes for Maarten.
Slides or further information (optional)
GLAMwiki toolset project
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