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The Power of Wikipedia: Legitimacy and Territorial Control

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Iolanda Pensa in collaboration with Isla Haddow and Francis Awinda
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Italy, South Africa
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Iolanda Pensa, lettera27 Foundation, Wikimedia Italia, Italy; Isla Haddow, Africa Centre, South Africa; Francis Awinda, Africa Centre, South Africa/Kenya.
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Wikimedia chapters: existing, planned, in discussion

Wikipedia seems to ignore half a century of studies and debates about identity, esotism, otherness and eurocentrism. As post-independence and colonial nations, today most powerful encyclopedia and knowledge distributing system acts in the same way as post-independence and colonial nations did: it focuses its geopolitical approach on nation building[1] languages[2], monuments, heritage and landmarks[3]. Wikimedia Foundation is based in the US and it is regularly accused to impose a US-centric cultural model; Wikipedia in English is the largest Wikipedia version and it is permanently distancing all other linguistic editions[4]. Those predominances generate power tensions and they nourish nationalist approaches. Wikipedia can speak with governments [5] and negotiate with them [6]; speaking on behalf of Wikipedia means to speak with the power of a nation. Jimmy Wales, Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia chapters do not represent Wikipedia but – as a matter of fact – they speak on behalf of it. The legitimacy of their role is permanently under discussion, but it is recognised by themselves, the press, national governments and the GLAMs[7]. The success of 2010 fund-raising campaign[8] has further reinforced tensions[9]. Wikimedia chapters claim their role in providing a more balanced cultural approach and in managing decentralised outreached programs[10]. In reality the fund-raising campaign mirrors last century geopolitics with the US and few European countries sharing the cake; Switzerland with a rather independent position and Italy unable to keep a proper slice. With the growing number of GLAMs willing to contribute to Wikimedia projects – even in countries without Wikimedia Chapters – issues of legitimacy and territorial control are becoming more evident. The presentation is based on the experience of the projects WikiAfrica (2006-2012) and Share Your Knowledge (2011-2012).

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