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Submissions/Toulouse a GLAMour City

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Submission no. 242
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Toulouse a GLAMour City
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Pierre-Selim Huard
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proud member of Wikimedia France
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Commonists, a french blog about commons (URAA, Eiffel tower lightning, etc.)
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In this talk we adress how our[1] partnerships and GLAM actions work in Toulouse. Over the past few years we have been able to work jointly with several institutions such as the Muséum de Toulouse[2], Archives of Toulouse, Library of Toulouse, Musée Saint-Raymond[3], Musée des Augustins[4]. Some actions are bold and the result of volunteers initiatives, others are the results of a project supported by the chapter. In both cases, it's up to the volunteers to both plan and make the partnerships move on.

In this talk we will explain how this bold, decentralized, opportunity-abased way to work with GLAM occurs in Toulouse. The main point is to build networks between people from the GLAM and volunteers from the Wikimedia movement.

We will base our talk on few, well chosen exemples. Firstly, Petits théâtres de l'intime in the Musée des Augustins, the reproduction of an almost entire temporary exhibition by wikimedians using only the global authorization given to the general public by the city to take pictures in all the city museums and the boldness of Wikimedian. Secondly, the reproduction on another temporary exhitibition L'Image et le Pouvoir in the Musée Saint-Raymond, this time using the same boldness but also something as formal as answering to an invitation on twitter to the art preview of the exhibition. This two projects both lead to more formal partnerships with the institutions. We also explored further what it means to have a partnership with GLAM institutions, with a workshop for Library about how... to conduct a Wikimedia-related workshop without wikimedians and various actions related to the respective calendar of glams ("Living in the city" for the Library, "Water" for the Natural history museum) : we are now in a process where the volunteers can make joint initiatives with the GLAMs and where Wikimedia movement is another string to the institutions' bows ?

  1. Wikimedia France
  2. Museum of natural history in Toulouse, the second largest in France after the one in Paris
  3. Antiquity museum of Toulouse
  4. Fine Arts Museum of Toulouse
  • GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)
Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes
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yes (well probably 75%)
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Special request as to time of presentations

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