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Using Partnerships to increase access to Wikipedia on Mobile

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Amit Kapoor

Kul Takanao Wadhwa

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Wikimedia Foundation

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One of the strategic priorities of the Wikimedia Foundation is to increase reach to 1 billion by 2015. The current reach is around 500 million, and it's believed that a significant percentage of the next 500 million will be readers from the developing world whose primary, and sometimes first, access to the internet (and hence Wikipedia) is via a mobile device. However, the mere proliferation of mobile devices doesn't create access alone. Variable cost of data fees can create a barrier to access, often to those who can benefit most from free knowledge. To address this barrier, the Wikimedia Foundation has embarked on a partnership program, whereby a mobile operator agrees to waive data fees when people access a version of Wikipedia on their network. As of March 2012, WMF has announced two of these partnerships, to Orange and Telenor, with a combined customer base of 205 million. We expect to have announced additional operators by the time of Wikimania as well. The presentation will explain the strategy and show data that supports it. Additionally, we will exhibit specific launch cases where the program has deployed and discuss impact, measurement, and learnings. Finally, we'll talk about the next phase of the program and discuss what can be done to maximize these partnerships in support of the mission.


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