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Video on Wikipedia
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Michael Dale
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Wikimedia, Kaltura
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Video on Wikipedia has faced many challenges in the long road towards wider audio visual media usage on the platform. We have operated under the premise that there is real value to enable editors to take advantage of video to illustrate ideas which can't easily be captured with images and text alone. A collection of free knowledge should include video, a predominate medium of communication of our time.

We will take a look at what have been the traditional impediments to wider usage of video on the platform as well as contemporary efforts to address these impediments. We will explore the modest video feature set of the Timed Media Handler extension and its effort to make video much more usable on Wikipedia. Timed media handler supports transcoding to web stremable formats, the WebM free video codec, and other basic video features such as captions and remote embedding / sharing.

We will take a look at scripts to help import video from youtube to help bootstrap a vast libraries of creative commons licensed content. We will take a look at the various community driven efforts over the past few years to increase video contributions on Wikipedia. Such as 'lets get video on wikipedia' and 'lights camera wiki' and try to better understand where they succeeded and where they could be improved. We will also look to the future to try and better understand how we could support mobile video contributions from non-free formats and strategies to better engage potential video contributions from GLAMs.

This discussion will focus on aligning efforts around video on Wikipedia towards tangible short term goals and projects that will maximize our collective efforts to improve multimedia content on the Wikimedia projects.

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25 Minutes
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Not sure
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