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Wicked Problems and Wikipedia: Communicating about Colony Collapse Disorder
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Meredith Boehm
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United States
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Student; graduate University of Tennessee Knoxville
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A wicked problem, as defined by Frank Fischer in his book from 2000: Citizens, Experts, and the Environment, is a complex environmental problem that cannot be solved because the cause or causes are uncertain. The discrepancy of possible cause and the multitude of stakeholders in the conversation about a problem such as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) makes it a prime example of a wicked problem . There is a need for an exploration of the online communication of wicked problem information like CCD information to the public. Especially pertinent is the differences in the information content between Wikipedia and wiki-like resources as compared with the federal environmental agency web resources and how these resources engage the public. The presentation will discuss a recent study that used a mixed method approach to map the landscape of information about CCD. The study used network analysis and content analysis of four federal government agency CCD web pages in conjunction with Wikipedia's CCD page. The study proposed a framework for web content evaluation that takes a spectrum of user needs into account. The results were indicative of the differences in the characteristics of information from a government agency website versus that of the wiki environment. This presentation will address the lessons learned from Wikipedia's CCD page which can impact further construction of e-government resources. In particular it will help to define a framework to evaluate resources applicable to wicked problem communication and future problem-solving endeavors with an informed and engaged public sphere.

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25 Minutes
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Yes, if finances permit. (I need to look into possible options for scholarship.)
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Slides will be included in the presentation
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None at this time.

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