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Submissions/Wiki, Women and Museums: The makings of a successful GLAM-WIKI project

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Wiki, Women and Museums: The makings of a successful GLAM-WIKI project

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Dr. Allison Kupietzky

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Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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During the Wikimania Haifa 2011 conference we presented our hopes and dreams for the GLAM-WIKI project at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. We are pleased to report back on the many levels of success which resulted from this collaboration. The Information Center for Israeli Art at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem was the focus of the project with our goal of creating 50 articles on Israeli artists in Hebrew and English. In addition over 300 images of Israeli artwork were uploaded to WikiCommons.

A unique aspect of the project turned out to be the many women involved, an involvement which took many forms. First, the project was run by women on both the Museum end (myself) and Wikimedia Israel end (Shani Evenstine, who served as the project coordinator and contact person with the museum); the center staff and volunteers were mostly women, many of whom are retirees. Women from the Israeli Wikpedia community were involved and contributed to the project, as well as new women interested in the project from the public. The women artists' wiki-articles were an added bonus. In short women shined! While these milestones were part of the project goals, there were many unexpected successes that can be noted:

  • The international activity around the project – we worked with our colleagues in Wikimedia in Hong Kong, Kenya, America, Holland, Austria, just to name a few!
  • New Wikipedia articles created in many languages (for example Larry Abramson has been translated into 7 languages - English, Hebrew, German, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, and recently -- Swahili!)
  • Increase in virtual visitor traffic to newly created Israeli art Wiki pages
  • Greater accessibility and reach via Wikipedia links for the Information Center for Israeli Art database leading to much increased awareness of the Israeli art project among world-wide Wikipedia editors
  • Joint events between the IMJ and Wikipedia including Yair Talmor as a Wikipedian-in-Residence, a "Behind the Scenes" tour at the Israel Museum and an "Edit-a-thon" where the Information Center for Israeli Art archives were perused by local Wikipedia editor.

GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)

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25 Minutes
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I hope to (scholarship pending)

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Some examples of Israeli women artists - articles written as part of the GLAM IMJ project:

Some women who have joined Wikipedia as part of the GLAM IMJ project:

  • Barbara - our chief image uploader
  • Sara - one of our dedicated English editors
  • Susan - our Hebrew to English translator of the in-depth article on Visual Arts in Israel
  • Emily - our intern from City University of Hong Kong who has translated articles into Chinese
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