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Rahul Deshmukh



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IIT Bombay, India
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File:Taj India.ogv
Wikicast sample - The Taj India

The project WikiCast – India will seek to reach out the knowledgebase from wikipedia to the masses with the help of audio visual medium and making people aware about the wikipedia. It also aims to deliver the information from wikipedia to the people who did not have internet access.

The country like India has huge population (1.2 billion) and diversified culture and languages. India currently has the largest illiterate population of any nation on earth. Where as India has currently over 100 million Internet users(8% of population), which rank third in most internet users list. In view of this situation there is desperate need of some solution which can help for wikipedia's knowledge dissemination.

Looking in to the these two extremities the project WikiCast will make a one minute informative audio visual “Do you know ?” clips which can be broadcasted on public displays in trains, buses, molls, schools and on TV channels. These clips will also be made available on web and mobile. This will make the wikipedia knowledge base available to the illiterate people, children and also help to attract the viewers to visit wikipedia for further information. By localising the content in different languages the model can be scaled to cater the wide community.

  • Pilot experiment

The project was created by Juliana Paul-Hummel. The details of contract was made between Wikimedia Deutschland and Berliner Fenster (the company who is responsible for Public TV in Berlin). A beta-version, was send in 2010 as a pilot was very successful. 2012 a whole program will be sent in Berlin. Wikimedia Deutschland will use this program too to make fundraising. (Check the example here)

  • Wikicast - India

Clips for Public information:

In WikiCast – India project we will create the one minute video clips from the content based on information in wikipedia which are of common interest to the local audience and publish it through the screens in public transport, public places and schools. We will also look forward to broadcast it through TV channels, web and mobiles ( Check the example here )

By dubbing the content in different languages it can be scaled to spread the idea to different language community and reach to the grass root level.

  • Objective
  1. To provide the information from wikipedia through audiovisual medium
  2. To deliver the information from wikipedia to the people who did not have internet access.
  3. To deliver the information from wikipedia to illiterate people
  4. To deliver the information to children who can not access wikipedia
  5. To promote wikipedia through audiovisual mediam.
  6. To make masses aware about wikipedia
  • We are planning for the implementation in India in collaboration with experience in Germany.
  • The presentation will be co-presented by Juliana who had run the pilot in Germany.

Track (Wikis and the Public Sector; GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums); WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education; Technology and Infrastructure)

WikiCulture and Community

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