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Submissions/WikiPedia about Walter Höllerer - The Authors of the Walter-Höllerer-Article in the german WikiPedia

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This is a rejected submission for Wikimania 2012.

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WikiPedia about Walter Höllerer - The Authors of the Walter-Höllerer-Article in the german WikiPedia
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Frieder Bronner
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Technical University of Berlin
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"WikiPedia about Walter Höllerer - The Authors of the Walter-Höllerer-Article in the German WikiPedia"

While other WikiPedia scientists research hundreds, thousands or even more WikiPedia articles, Frieder Bronner has focused on a single WikiPedia article for the past four years(*1). His primary research question was- Who are the authors behind the German WikiPedia article about "Walter Höllerer", the famous German literature scientist, author, and professor at the Technical University of Berlin(*2)?

Frieder Bronner has documented and carefully explored every one of the more than seventy revisions of this article in the German WikiPedia and investigated the more than 40 authors. By examining the language, style, frequency, and editing behavior (i.e. changes made during the day or at night) Bronner was able to identify the main contributors and their individual contributions to the article. Following the different authors' diverse activities in WikiPedia and on other websites led Bronner to thousands of other WikiPedia pages on a variety of topics. The findings describe the authors as very different individuals of varying backgrounds, all of whom have lasting effects, of varying degrees, on the Walter Höllerer WikiPedia article. Only a few of them have interests or a professional background in (German) literature. Instead, most of them are there to support the online encyclopedia. The common aim is to ensure that this biography of an important figure of German literature after World War II is available to interested readers worldwide.

The outcome of Frieder Bronner's research will help the WikiPedia community understand the impact of authorship practices on the quality of a single article and offers implications for improving the quality of all WP articles, specifically WP articles in the humanities. His presentation of the quantitative and qualitative methods used for his research will help lay the groundwork for incorporating qualitative research in a quantitative mechanical environment. His dissertation thesis is primarily a mediasociological research project, but it spans disciplines from literary studies to computer science.

Frieder Bronner works as a freelance Journalist, Media Theorist and Critic, Assistant Instructor at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin, and Trainer for internet and computer use. He is currently finishing his Doctorate degree thesis about the Walter Höllerer article in the German WikiPedia at the Media Science Department of the Technical University Berlin. His research interests lie in the area of Social Networking and Collaborative Knowledge Production, ranging from theory to design to implementation, with a focus on improving user experience and the mission “access for all”.

(*1) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_H%C3%B6llerer

(*2) Walter Höllerer was a german Author, Poet, Publisher and Professor of Literature at the Technical University of Berlin, founder of „Akzente“ und „Sprache im technischen Zeitalter“, two very well known and widely distributed german literary magazines and he founded in 1963 the LCQ, the „Literarisches Colloquium Berlin“, the temple of literature since almost 50 years in the capital of Germany Berlin.

WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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probably not
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