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Wikidata as a platform
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Jeroen De Dauw
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jeroendedauw at gmail dot com
Jeroen De Dauw
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Wikimedia, Wikimedia Germany
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blog twitter
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In this technical presentation we want to give an overview of how developers will be able to leverage the Wikidata platform. This includes an overview of the (planned) extension points and some thoughts on how these can be used to build applications on top of Wikidata. The presentation will also cover the relation between Wikidata and Semantic MediaWiki, explaining where each finds it's use, how they can interact and which infrastructure they (can) share.

Context: Wikidata is a new project by Wikimedia Deutschland with the goal to create a data repository for Wikipedia and the world. It aims to be Wikimedia Commons for data. Imagine only having to edit data in one place and then being able to reuse it across Wikipedia and beyond. Imagine no-longer having to curate lists of articles by hand. What if instead that would be happening automatically? Imagine small Wikipedias being able to bootstrap hundreds of articles by using data that was curated in larger Wikipedias. This and much more is what we are working to make reality.

Wikidata holds huge opportunities for Wikipedia and we're here to talk about them. Community support and involvement is extremely important for the success of Wikidata and we want to take this as an opportunity to let you know about the work we have already done and what the plans for the next months are.

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25 Minutes
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Not during other WikiData (1, 2) or Semantic MediaWiki presentations, and preferrably before the Wikidata panel

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