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WikiProject AIDS

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WikiProject Aids aims to significantly improve the pages on Wikipedia about HIV/AIDS and related topics. HIV is the subject of intense scientific research and basic information about HIV and Aids is constantly changing. Through this effort, Wikipedia hopes to build a comprehensive, detailed, and accessible guide to Aids, HIV, and related topics on Wikipedia. Some of the Wikipedia policies to this effect are:
  • Abstinence from posting first-hand breaking news.
  • Citing the verifiable sources and precise text for reference and inference.
  • Classification and sub-classification of articles.
  • Usage of precise terminology.

Some examples of the articles on the Wikipedia in this connection are as follows:

A big challenge for this project that while new research findings are leading to new developments in the discovery of HIV/ AIDS, this project's current level of activity is dismally low and has been termed as inactive. A good example of some of the emerging treatments which need to be highlighted in the field of HIV is that of the sesame chikki prepared in India which is actually helpful in fighting HIV with a surprisingly good effect. According to a recent finding, when sesame (til) and jaggery is supplemented with half-a- dozen Ayurvedic herbs to the chikkies and the HIV positive women were given 20 grams of these chikkies twice a day for four months, the HIV positive women showed improved immunity levels. The CD4 count increased from 475.6 to 543.4 cells in these women. As compared to this, those women who did not take the preparation exhibited a significantly decreased CD4 count. About 25 to 33 per cent of HIV-positive people experience either short or long-term side effects while using the antiretroviral therapy. This novel therapeutic strategy of including a few Ayurvedic herbs in the popular street food (chikkies) has helped in fighting HIV the natural way, without any side effects. This as well as other findings on HIV have inevitably raised hope that the menace of HIV and AIDS can be fought at not just the treatment level but also at the level where it can be cured and virtually eradicated from the world like some of the other diseases of the past. The role which we, as editor of editors of the Wikipedia can play is to highlight these new discoveries in the area, and thus, help in just the encyclopedic value of the website, but also the provide the much needed information updates to the suffering patients, doctors, nursing professionals , young and adolescent population, as well as the society as whole.

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Research, Analysis, and Education
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20 to 25 Minutes
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Yes, if my Scholarship Application is accepted.
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I am a recent Gold Medalist of the Diploma in HIV and Family Education.
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None. Except request for change in the schedule in the unforeseen circumstances of delays in international public transport.

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  1. SarahStierch (talk) 23:50, 24 March 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Georgiasouthernlynn (talk) 15:40, 8 April 2012 (UTC) Looks like a REALLY important project. I'm interested in learning more.[reply]