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Wikipedia Education Program: University of Haifa, Faculty of Humanities
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Hana Yariv
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Wikimwdia Israel
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The project began at a meeting held on September 22, 2011, which was attended by professors and lecturers from the Faculty of Humanities. Meeting was also attended by seven Hebrew Wikipedia editors. The meeting was opened by Dean of the Faculty.

The first semester is determined as a pilot experiment with three lecturers in four courses. In two courses, writing articles on Wikipedia was part of the course requirement, In the tow others it was a bonus. In the courses where writing article in Wikipedia was bonus, the students did not write any article.

Conclusion of the first semester: 32 articles were written, mostly on archeology and medieval literature.

Training "How to edit in Wikipedia" was given in each course at the beginning of the semester , and additional training when the studenets were uploading the articles to the Wikipedia. In addition, the students received personal guidance on they users pages.

In the second semester will join the project professors from other courses. Three courses in General History, MA course in Land of Israel Studies, and professors and lecturers in women's studies and gender who want to experiment in writing articles in Wikipedia as training for the next year, they plan to add a requirement in MA courses: writing an article on Wikipedia

To manage the project, I opened in the Hebrew Wikipedia a special page where I conducted the follow-up on all the articles that were writen by the students. on a separate tab on the page, I wrote down all the trainings and various meetings. This page also added various guides for students and lecturers. In addition two guidance presentations were uploaded to Commons. See here

WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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10 Minutes
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