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Wikipedia Translation and Transnational Scholarship
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Kelsey Brannan
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United States
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Georgetown University
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Scholars in the digital humanities have written about the communal consequences of male-dominant authorship on Wikipedia (Davidson, 2009), about the lack of contributions to humanities-based articles compared to science Wikipedia articles (Kill, 2008), and about the fear that Wikipedia editing practices will replace academic work (Messer-Kruse, 2012), however, authors continue to neglect the power of transnational scholarship emerging from students participating in the Wikipedia Global Education program. At Georgetown University, Professor Adel Iskandar's graduate course, Media & Communications in the Arab World is participating in the Wikipedia Global Education Program a course that is collaborating with students participating in the Wikipedia Arabic program. Wikipedia Arabic is currently a very small community as there are few speakers of the language. The Global Education program is focused on trying to improve and increase the total content in the Arabic language. The students in the Georgetown class, some of whom are in the Communication, Culture & Technology program and in the Arab studies program at Georgetown with varying degrees of familiarity with the language, will work alongside students in the Arab world, specifically those in Egypt, to create and translate corresponding Arabic articles. The goal of the Wikipedia component of the course is to make Arab issues more visible to the English Wikipedia and help improve the size of Wikipedia Arabic. One of the significant challenges, however, is finding "Verifiable" content in the English language that confirms events that occur in the Arab world. The collaborative efforts put forth in this class can be a useful model for other courses that plan to research, update, and translate media information from around the world using Wikipedia. Furthermore, Wikipedia article creation can augment the development of research papers/topics outside of Wikipedia. For example, the "back-end" and "talk-pages" of Wikipedia can be used to track how, why, by whom, and where information and knowledge is produced. This emerging form of transnational collaboration and co-creation, within the Wikipedia Global Education program suggests that scholarship in the 21st century must reflect on the way meaning is mediated, translated, and circulated around the world. This panel will include the following speakers: Wiki Campus Ambassador (Kelsey Brannan), two students (TBD), and Professor Iskandar. The panel will present the final articles from the course and their personal experience translating and collaborating with Wikipedia Arabic, including both negative and positive experiences. We also hope to (if possible) beam in a Wikipedian and scholar from Cairo, Egypt during the presentation.

* WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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45 minutes (including questions)
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