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Working with Wikiproject:National Register of Historic Places

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Peter Ekman

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Panelists will discuss how an editor can best work with Wikiproject:NRHP The main themes will be

a) finding information about sites on the US National Register of Historic Places, both on Wikipedia and online in government databases (e.g. NPS Focus and state historical societies). Then how to use this information to actually find the sites and photograph them. Planning a road trip. Special considerations include “address restricted” sites, historic districts, city vs. country sites, and no trespassing and privacy considerations.

b) Writing up information for Wikipedia articles and tables. Problems with using NRHP nomination forms and similar material. Differences between National Historic Landmarks, National Register of Historic Places, Historic Districts, etc. Information from state historic preservation organization (SHPOs) and other sources.

c) Photographing NRHP sites emphasizing the basics of architectural photography, dealing with distortion, editing photos for Wikipedia, uploading and categorizing at Commons, and placing the photos into articles and (sometimes multiple) lists.

d) Working with WP:NRHP and other Wikiprojects, e.g. WP:GLAM, with emphasis on the upcoming Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest in September. Other projects might include local "Wikipedia takes ..." photoshoots, Wikipedia Loves Art, or working with local historical societies.

e) Showing local examples, especially from Washington, D.C., and perhaps presenting a mini-exhibition of 10-20 photos (selected by members of WP:NRHP) if wall space is available, or printing up self-guided tours of NRHP sites (based on WP articles) in the George Washington University area and nearby areas.



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35 Minutes
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