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Culture and Features at wikiHow

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Jack Herrick

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jack "at"



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Founder of wikiHow

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wikiHow is a wiki with the goal of building the world's highest quality how-to manual. wikiHow is read by over 36 million people a month and is ranked in the top 200 websites by Quantcast. wikiHow is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation nor is it a venture-financed company.

While the size of the wikiHow editor community is small when compared to Wikipedia, the community is still very active, passionate and effective. This community thrives with a unique culture and uses a distinct set of software features not found on other wikis. Visitors from other communities are surprised to see that the wikiHow community is relatively gender balanced and takes pride in its friendliness. Some of these culture differences stem from the unique set of software features in place at wikiHow. This talk will describe some of the features at wikiHow and how they have influenced the culture of the community and, in addition, how the wikiHow culture has influenced the creation of software features. Success and even the embarrassing failure case studies will be shared, with the hope that other wiki enthusiasts will learn lessons for their own projects. The talk will conclude with ideas and a wish list for future wiki innovations that might take collaborative editing to the next level.


This is probably best in WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education -- it could also go in Software.

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25 minutes. Could shrink to 18-20 minutes if requested.

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An example of a page on wikiHow that isn't found on other wikis...(yet)

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Scheduling would work best if I delivered this on Friday. Please not on Sunday.

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