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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA
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旅行协调 - 请您的朋友抵达或离开时留意此页以组织团队往返机场。


Definitely (100%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
se Sweden Ainali sv-n, en-4, de-1, no-1, dk-1 in NY 5th From NY 17th Registered!
us United States Another Believer en-n - - Registered!
us United States Aude en-n, ar-2
de Germany 80686 als-n, de-n, en-4, fr-1, sv-1 2012-07-09 2012-07-16 Registered!
ca Canada Dmitri Lytov ru-n, uk-n, en-4, de-3, fr-3, eo-3, es-2, nl-2, pl-2, it-2 2012-07-12 2012-07-15 Registered, scholarship, visa approved, with wife and son
ca Canada Marianna Lytova ru-n, en-3, uk-2, fr-1 2012-07-12 2012-07-15 Registered, visa approved
il Israel deror_avi he-n, en-4
in India Viswaprabha ml-n, en-n,hi-n,ar-3,ta-3,sa-2 July 9th, 2012 July 16th, 2012 Full Scholarship, Registered, US visa, Accommodation, Air tickets, Hackathon
in India DebashisM en-n, bn-n, hn-4, fr-1, TBD TBD depends upon scholarship
in India Mvkulkarni23 en-n, mr-n TBD TBD depends upon scholarship
in India cherishsantosh mr-n, en-n TBD TBD depends upon scholarship
us United States Bluerasberry en-n TBD TBD seeking Wikipedians from India
us United States RobH en-n
us United States O zh, en-4, fr-1
nl Netherlands Siebrand nl-n, en-3 week before 31 July With wife and kids
us United States abettisworth en-N, es-2 TBD TBD Wikimedia Foundation project: wikiprocess.org
in India Adethya en-n, TBD TBD depends upon scholarship, only if scholarship is given, will I be able to attend + Travelling alone
sk Slovakia Rudko sk-n, de-4, cs-3, en-2 before 10th after 16th Link to my redacteur site on Wikipedia Slovak republic
us United States Harej en-N, fr-2 I live here November I should probably go to the conference I'm helping to run.
us United States ^demon en-N Live nearby, will be there all week November I've been told if I don't come to DC a posse will come to Richmond and drag me to DC
us United States Peter.C en-N es-1 9th 16th Taking Wikibus
us United States Ijon en-N he-N WMF Staff
Au Australia Graham87 en ? ?
us United States SarahStierch en-n WMF Fellow
us United States EVula en TBD TBD Oh how I wish I had a witty comment to put here.
au Australia Steven Zhang en-n 29 June After the hackathon Didn't get the scholarship, but have secured alternative arrangements to ensure my attendance.
us United States Fluffernutter en-n, es-2 Probably arriving via Wikibus from NYC
in India stausifr en-n, ta Upon my leave and scholarship
ca Canada Risker en-n, fr-2
de Germany Daniel Mietchen de-n,en-4,ru-4,fr-4 TBD TBP Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science
lk Sri Lanka Rehman en, si-1 July 4/JFK July 16/JFK Registration . Visa . Air tickets Round-trip via JFK (over 30hrs of total flight time!). Will be taking Amtrak back to NY for departure. More info...
nz gadfium en-n July 10 (late night) July 17 Airfares booked. 19 hours of flight time. Oh joy!*
nl Netherlands Multichill nl-N, en-3, de-1, fr-1 2012-07-03 2012-07-22 Flying into NYC, taking Manhattan, DC, ....
au Australia Chuq en-N 2012-07-05 2012-07-17 Registered. Representative of WMAU. Flying in to NYC and out of DC.
nl Netherlands Lodewijk nl-N, en-3, de-1, fr-1 2012-07-03 2012-07-22 Flying into NYC
de Germany Sebastian Wallroth de-N, en-3, ru-1 2012-07-06 2012-07-20 As rep of WMDE. Attending Wikimania Takes Manhattan
us United States GorillaWarfare en-N, es-1
us United States Zellfaze en-gb Depends on work Sunday I will attend for as long as work permits.
us United States piandcompany en-n Able to come all days for DC Sunday Name: Jason Spriggs -- DC Area Resident, Volunteering if possible
de Germany DerHexer de 2012-07-05 NYC 2012-07-22 NYC WMDE Board, steward
in India Rangilo_Gujarati en-N, gu-N, hi-4 4th July in NYC 24th July from NYC Scholarship , Registration , Visa: , Flight:
ca Canada Benoit Rochon fr-N, en-4, de-1, es-1 TBD TBD Registered
cn China Bencmq zh-N, en-3 July 10 July 15 : Registration, visa, accommodation. Pending: Tickets
au Australia Gnangarra en-N - TBD Got a scholarship
za South Africa Thuvack en,ts 09-July 16-July Scholarship: , Registration: , Visa: . See you in D.C!!.
za South Africa Islahaddow en,ts TBD TBD Got a scholarship and registered!!
cn China Shujenchang zh-N, en-4 July 5th, 2012 July 17th, 2012 Registered, US visa, Accommodation, Air tickets, Japan visa (transit)
az Azerbaijan Wertuose az-N, en-2, ru-3, tr-4 not fixed not fixed Registered!
cn China Mys_721tx zh-N, en-3 July 11th, 2012 July 15th, 2012 Registered!
us United States Beeblebrox English 11th? 16? I'm very grateful to have received one of the scholarships, there's no way I could afford to travel all the way from Alaska for this. My goal is to bring Wikimania to Alaska in the next few years.
cz Czech Republic Chmee2 cs-N, en-3 July 11th, 2012 July 17th, 2012 registered, flight tickets bought, accommodation booked!
us United States Smallbones en, ru-2 July 11th? July 17th? Registered
np Nepal Ganesh Paudel ne-N, en-3, hi-4, bn-1, sa-1, new-1, bh-2 Scholarship, Registration, Visa. See you in DC!
kh វ័ណថារិទ្ធ km-N, en-3, ko-1, I'm Vantharith from Khmer Wikipedia (Cambodia). Got the scholarship, and already registered. Now to apply for visa.
in India MikeLynch en-4, kn-N, sa-3, hi-3, es-1, fr-1 TBD TBD Registered
be Belgium SPQRobin nl-N, en-3, fr-2, de-1 July 16 Also attending hackathon and probably Wiki Takes Manhattan.
se Sweden Haxpett sv-n, en-4, no-1, dk-1 July 9 July 16 Registered
au Australia Whiteghost.ink en-n, fr-3 10 July 17 July Registered
au Australia Wittylama en-n, fr-3 10 July 17 July Registered
br Brazil Beria pt-N, en-3, es-2 TBD TBD Scholarship: , Registration: , Visa: In process.
np Nepal Krish Dulal ne-N, en-3, hi-4 Scholarship: , Registration: , Visa: In process.
us United States Yaron Koren - - - -
gb United Kingdom Deryck Chan yue-N, en-4, zh-4, de-2, ja-1 TBD 16 July (TBC) Partial scholarship Registered Accommodation and flights pending
us United States Mike Cline en 11 July July 18 Representing Montana and Montana State University; scholarship Registered Hotel-Hilton Garden Inn Downtown
au Australia Foxj en-N, es-2 5 July (NYC) 16 July Very excited and incredibly grateful to have received a scholarship for this event, would never have been able to afford to come on my own expense. All set!
no Norway Jon Harald Søby nb, en, de, sw ++ TBD TBD Registered
ru Russia Lvova ru-n, en-3 11 15 Registered
bd Bangladesh Wikitanvir bn, en-3 TBD TBD All well that end is well.
de Germany Nirakka de July 5th July 19th arrival and departure @ NYC
uy Uruguay NaBUru38 es-N, en-4, de-1 9 July (TBC) 16 July (TBC) -
in India VASANTH S.N. kn-N,tcy TBD TBD Registered
kg Nataev uz-N, en-5, ru-5, tr-4 11 July 23 July Registered
au Australia Juttavd de-N, en-5 9 July 15 July Registered
my Malaysia Bejinhan en-n, zh-2, ms-3 July 8 July 16 Thanks for the scholarship!
ru Russia Ruslik0 ru-n, en-3 July 10 July 16
am Armenia SusikMkr hy-n,ru-4, en-3 6th July in NYC July 16,from Washington DCA Registered,flight tickets bought, visa
ar Argentina Banfield es-n, en-3 July 11th July 16th All done
us United States The Earwig en July 12 July 15 I'm in NY beforehand, so I guess I'll check out the NYC events if someone convinces me :P
us United States Jonathunder en July 8 July 15 Registered, room booked at the Allen Lee Hotel, and airfare purchased with a travelling companion from Minnesota. We both plan to do lots of sightseeing and photography, and would like to meet others to do that with.
na Pgallert de-n, en-4, af-2 11 July 15 July On scholarship and registered
us United States Fran McCrory en-N -∞ -
de Germany Kolossos de-N, en-2 2012-07-04 NY 2012-07-20 NY Attending Wikimania Takes Manhattan
de Germany NetAction de-N, en-2 2012-07-07 Wash 2012-07-18 NY -
us United States Gribeco en-N,fr-N 7/11 late 7/16 -
us United States Philippe (WMF) en 7/9 7/16 -
fr France Agamitsudo fr-N,en-3,pt-3 7/10 late 7/15 -
fr France Skull33 fr-N,en-3,bg-1 7/11 7/15 -
us United States Dank en - -
us United States Az1568 en 7/11 7/16 -
us United States ConradKilroy en 07/12/2012 07/15/2012 +2 Registered! My sister (Raine) and I are attending. We are from Seattle, WA USA
tn Dyolf77 ar-N, fr-4, en-2 07/12/2012 07/16/2012 Registred, US visa, Accommodation, Air tickets

Maybe (25%–75%)

Probably (75%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment

us United States Chaser en-N, it-2 TBD TBD I plan to be there as long as I can get off of work.
pk Saqib en-N July 9 TBD Depends if get US Visa
in India Odisha1 en-N, or-N, hi-N TBD TBD Depends on approval of Scholarship.
eg Sarouk7 en-2, ar-N, open open Depends on USA Visa Approval.
nl Netherlands Woudsma nl-N, en-4, de-2, fr-2 TBD TBD Conveniently close to my workplace.
jp Japan Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy vi-N, ja-3, en-2 TBD TBD
ph Philippines sunkissedguy en-4, tl-N TBD TBD Depends on approval of Scholarship
US United States Secret en-N TBD TBD Should be there the full week, money isn't a problem for me. The only thing that "might" be an issue is school, thus I'm in the 75%. Coming from Miami, Florida
uk United Kingdom Dsvyas gu-N, en-4, hi-4 TBD TBD Will love to attend but depending upon scholarship from the foundation or any other possible source
us United States Varnent en-N TBD TBD Depends on travel funding - schedule shouldn't be a problem
- TXiKi eu-N, es-N, en-3, ca-3 TBD TBD
ca Canada DeltaQuad en-N, fr-2, es-1 TBD TBD Depends on travel funding
jo Jordan Ramez Quneibi ar,en TBD TBD Registered!
nl Netherlands Taketa nl-N, en-4, de-1, fr-1 TBD TBD Pending on permission from my study.

Unsure (50%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
cz Czech Republic Danny B. cs-N, en-3, sk-3, ru-1, fr-1 TBD TBD
us United States Guerillero en-N, fr-1 TBD TBD It depends on if I can get off work for the week

Probably not (25%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment

Definitely not (0%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
eu Europe Katarighe en,fr-2, de-2, nds-1,nl-4, None None Can't go, becuase I'm busy in real life for now.
in India jayantanth bn,en None None Scholarship not approved, congratulation to all Scholarship attendee
ph Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-2, zh-2, pl-1.5 None None Academic commitments back home since I start school immediately after I go back from Poland. I promise to go in 2013 if I get to go! :D
uk United Kingdom CT Cooper en-N, de-1 None None I loved the 2011 Wikimania and I wanted to go again, but sadly I could not get a scholarship, and my submission was not accepted. Due to these and other factors, I have decided to put all my resources in attending Wikimania 2013 instead. Nevertheless, I wish the best of luck to the organizers and all attendees and I hope it is a successful conference.
de Germany Athanasios Mazarakis de-N, el-N, en-4, es-1 None None Will not be able to attend.
ph Philippines TruPepitoM en-N, tl-N None None I'm not joining due to personal reasons and time conflict. Best of luck though.