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  • Sunday, July 15 @ 10:00 a.m. at Congressional Cemetery (optionally, meet 9:00 a.m. in the lobby of the GWU Marvin Center)
John Quincy Adams cenotaph with QRpedia QR code

Congressional Cemetery is a historic cemetery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and is completely unmapped in OpenStreetMap. Many notable people are buried there including senators, congresspersons, diplomats, a vice president, and other famous people including J. Edgar Hoover. The cemetery also features numerous other monuments and memorials of significance.

You will also see QR codes at Congresional Cemetery which link to Wikipedia articles about these notable people buried at the cemetery. It would be great to have a nice map to go with the QR codes and to use in the Wikipedia article, and beyond.

We will go outside and collecting data for OpenStreetMap. Everybody is welcome. To take part in the mapping party, you do not need a GPS. We will have some to lend out, and GPS is only one way of collection. We also use walking papers, which are simply low-tech printouts of the OSM map that we mark up with details when out walking around.

  • Take the Metro Blue/Orange line to the Stadium Armory station.
  • Walk blocks south on 19th St SE to Potomac Avenue
  • Turn right and walk one block on Potomac Avenue
  • We will meet at 10 am outside the cemetery at Potomac Avenue & E St SE

Location on OpenStreetMap: [1]

[Part 2] - Entering OSM data
  • ~ 1:00-3:00 p.m., GWU Marvin Center, 3rd Floor

After collecting some data, we will spend time uploading the data to OSM, with more experienced mappers demonstrating how it’s done.

PS - Other OpenStreetMap hacking, meetings and talks during Wikimania.


RSVP here on the wiki or on our Eventbrite:

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