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Engaging the Community: What We've Tried and Where We're Going
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Okeyes (WMF) (talk)
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User:Okeyes (WMF)
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United Kingdom
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Wikimedia Foundation
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my blog
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Since November 2011, I've been the Community Liason for the Product Development department of the Wikimedia Foundation. What this means is that I'm tasked with engaging the community in the development of our new features and software, and coming up with better ways to do this on a wide scale. My first project was the , where we experimented with hosting discussions on projects such as the English-language Wikipedia rather than, along with regular office hours sessions and talkpage discussions. This process is still ongoing, but things we've learnt from it have been worked into New Page Triage, the second development project I have been assisting with.

By Wikimania, I will also have run surveys, held interviews and done quantifiable analysis on the data surrounding the projects to identify what works and what doesn't. By this point, the Article Feedback Tool, Version 5 will also have been completed, offering additional data and opportunities for discussion.

What I'd like to talk about at Wikimania is:

  • What we've learnt from the Article Feedback and New Page Triage engagement cycles;
  • What we're doing compared to how software has traditionally been developed at the Foundation (and how it works elsewhere!);
  • What the interviews and surveys have taught us;
  • and how all of this is going to influence where we hope to go with future development cycles and future products. This interlinks with the panel discussion on editor engagement that the product development team as a whole is hoping to do at Wikimania. There will then be an opportunity for questions, feedback and additional suggestions as to where we can go.
  • WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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20 minutes
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