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Submissions/Giving Readers a Voice: Lessons from Article Feedback v5

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2012.

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Giving Readers a Voice: Lessons from Article Feedback v5

Date and Time

Friday, July 13 at 9 am - 25 minutes


Room 301 - Lisner Auditorium - George Washington University, Washington DC

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Fabrice Florin

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fflorin at wikimedia dot org


Fabrice Florin

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United States

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Wikimedia Foundation

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Wikipedia | Twitter | NewsTrust

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How can we engage readers to contribute more and help improve Wikipedia?

For the past year, the Wikimedia Foundation has been developing Article Feedback Version 5, a new tool that invites readers to provide feedback as a first step to becoming editors.

This presentation will share some of the lessons from that experiment, with a focus on how the article feedback tool is providing an on-ramp for users to participate more actively in the encyclopedia. We will also discuss how the Wikipedia community has helped design this new feature, through an ongoing collaboration with the foundation's product and engineering team.

The Foundation’s overall goals for this project are to provide meaningful feedback to the editing community, as well as offer lightweight contribution tools as a gateway to editing. To that end, we invited the Wikipedians and newbies alike to participate in this experiment, collecting over 60,000 feedback posts in the first three months of this pilot. During that time, we tested different feedback forms and analyzed a range of data points to determine final features of this tool, in consultation with a special group of community members.

We will present our findings of what worked and didn’t work in this process -- and discuss ways to improve this collaborative, data-driven approach to interactive software development.

Other topics to be covered in this talk include best practices for surfacing quality feedback, helping editors use that feedback, while filtering out low-quality feedback. We will also present new designs and prototypes for features that aim to improve article quality and invite a closer collaboration between editors and readers.


Track: WikiCulture and Community III: Improving Wikipedia I

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25 Minutes

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