Submissions/Insights of the world of Wikipedia because of the India Education Program, from the eyes of a newbie, a wikiholic, a student, and a Campus Ambassador

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Insights into the world of Wikipedia because of the India Education Program - from the eyes of a student as well as a Campus Ambassador
Type of submission (workshop, tutorial, panel, presentation)
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Debanjan Bandyopadhyay
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Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune.
Wikimedia India
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The entry of the India Education Program by the WMF in Pune started my journey with Wikipedia. Due to many issues it had to be partially stopped midway. I was one of those active Campus Ambassadors that was at the forefront of the war with copyvio. The statistics are still being analyzed and there is still much heat on the program. I wish to provide a different side of the story as how how a person who never even knew that an edit button existed, was shown the path to a great society, a great community, a chance to spread knowledge like never before and a chance to collaborate with the world.

My presentation shall have the necessary data related to the IEP but also the stories, the other side, from both Campus Ambassadors and students, whose lives were completely changed by this program, how they were brought into a vast community, what their experiences were as a newbie to the world of Wikipedia. I myself was both a successful student of the IEP, as well as a Campus Ambassador, and hence am sure will be able to provide some hindsight as to how the program felt from a student's perspective, the problems faced, and how challenges were overcome in my dual role. The IEP has been viewed in all its negativity, there was a lot of positivity that ensued also, and perhaps the world should know about how a ragtag bunch of Campus Ambassadors along with a handful of students found a greater purpose in life through the IEP.

Track (Wikis and the Public Sector/GLAM - Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums/WikiCulture and Community/Research, Analysis, and Education/Technology and Infrastructure)
Research, Analysis, and Education but will have some content on WikiCulture and Community also.
Length of presentation/talk (if other then 25 minutes, specify how long)
30 - 50 Minutes
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Depends upon scholarship provided
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Will provide later
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