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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2012.

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QRpedia and you, a workshop
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Lori Byrd Phillips, Àlex Hinojo and Andy Mabbett
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United States, Spain, United Kingdom
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Wikimedia Foundation, GLAM Barcelona, Wikimedia UK
Personal homepage or blog
http://loribyrdphillips.com, http://theglamwikiexperience.blogspot.com, http://pigsonthewing.org.uk
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This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to first learn about the potential for QRpedia codes and then consider ways to apply this tool to their project of choice, be it cultural, educational, or technical.

QRpedia is a QR code generator that links to the mobile version of a Wikipedia article in the user’s preferred language. Having first been piloted at Derby Museum and Art Gallery by Roger Bamkin and developer Terence Eden, it has since seen success in museums in Barcelona and the United States, in addition to the UK National Archives and the Sofia Zoo in Bulgaria. QRpedia has also received critical acclaim from the Smart UK Project, which declared it one of the top four most innovative companies in the United Kingdom and led to its presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The project has received significant press throughout the past year, and has expanded to include plans for implementation in everything from breweries and educational charities to the entire town of Monmouth.

The workshop will be led by three members of the QRpedia team who have had significant experience implementing and presenting on QRpedia:

  • Lori Phillips, US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator and Wikipedian in Residence at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the first US museum to incorporate QRpedia codes. Lori has written a substantial case study on the implications of QRpedia codes in increasing accessibility to information in exhibits and has blogged and presented on the subject.
  • Àlex Hinojo, GLAM Ambassador in Barcelona and project lead for the QRpedia code implementation in the Fundació Joan Miró. Àlex has established new models in tracking visitor usage of QRpedia codes through his analysis of statistics and visitor flow through exhibit spaces.
  • Andy Mabbett, a GLAM ambassador, has been involved in QRpedia since before its launch at Derby Museum in April 2011. He has delivered training and outreach for Wikimedia UK in a number of cultural organizations and events, presenting on QRpedia in both Amsterdam and Hamburg and deploying the first QRpedia codes in those countries.

Following QRpedia’s introduction at Wikimania 2011, this workshop is meant to focus more in depth on the implications of QRpedia in cultural institutions (and beyond) over the past year. After sharing case studies and lessons learned, workshop leaders will facilitate a brainstorming session on additional uses that may apply to current projects that relate to participants, offering practical tips on the best ways to display QRpedia codes and carry out projects. Those attending the workshop will have the opportunity to create QRpedia codes in the midst of this brainstorming session.

Track (Wikis and the Public Sector; GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums); WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education; Technology and Infrastructure)
Length of presentation/talk (if other then 25 minutes, specify how long)
70 minute workshop
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QRpedia and crowdsourcing at Derby Museum - video by Andrew James Sykes

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