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Using Wikipedia in the Classroom: Make it Happen
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In Quebec, students enter Cegep after highs chool. One of the prime objective of this part of their education is to develop a critical sense and to become citizens of democratic world. To achieve this goal, teachers must create a learning environment where students have to explain their thinking process and face the real world. Also, students are now more active on the internet and interested by new technologies. As much as this can be a challenge, it is also a great way to get students interested in school if it well used.

Wikipedia and all the Wikimedia foundation's project are wonderful tools to use to put young learners in an environment where they will have to talk in a rational way and participate in the construction of knowledge. In this presentation, we will present ways to use Wikipedia, Commons and all other projects to help students learn in a more active way. Examples of realised projects in the province of Quebec will be shown. Also, we will explore what can be done to create and share new ideas in the Wikipedian community and elsewhere.

Wikimedian projects are public and everything published on the sites is directly viewable. How do teaching institutions deal with this issue? Is it ethical to ask teenagers and young adults to contribute publicly? What are the precautions we must take to insure the respect of privacy to which students are entitled to demand? These are important ethical issues that need to be discussed and resolved before we go foward with integration of contribution in the classroom.

Wikimedia needs to devellop partnerships with the institutions that promote knowledge. What is the state of these partnerships? How can we establish these relationships and what is there to gain for the institutions? This conference will also be a place to discuss the role of ambassador that Wikimedians must take to establish the communication.

Lastly, we will explain what are the necessary actions for a teacher to have a positive experience while using Wikipedia in his classroom.

  • WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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