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Why Women Don't Post
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Selam Daniel
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The reasons why women tend not to post on Wikipedia are tied to the reasons why women are also less likely to raise their hands in college courses, champion their ideas at work, and self-identify as an expert in any field.

The premise of this presentation is that we can encourage more women to post information on Wikipedia if we can untangle why women aren't doing it now, and create an environment (including the culture, the policies, and even the design) that encourages them to do so.

The first part of the presentation will focus on lifelong conditioning and the conscious and subconscious forces that affect a woman's choice to post content on a site like wikipedia. We will start by examining the games and rewards that girls learn as children and then quickly move into how these messages are reinforced as adults. The takeaway from this first section will be that there are multiple forces that lead a woman to not self-identify as an "expert" and therefore not post content. The conversation will be lighthearted and fun, but still poignant.

The second part of the presentation will focus on how we can take our understanding of why women are not posting and turn these insights into strategies to create an environment where women do post content on the site. We'll discuss the culture of the site, the policies, and the design.

The key takeaways of the session will be of relevance to the wikimedia community, but are universal enough to be useful for other academic, cultural, social, and business applications.

* WikiCulture and Community; Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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