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WikiTV - using video as media

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Manuel Schneider

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Wikimedia Österreich

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WikiTV started in 2011 as a collaboration between ORF (Austrian public broadcaster) and Wikimedia Österreich and incorporates several ideas of of video production in one project now:

  • production of video clips enhancing Wikipedia articles
    • eg. video interviews, produced via internet but in broadcasting quality
    • ORF has donated the switchX software for webbased TV production
  • facilitating community processes, discussions and decisions by using a video conference tool for debates
    • public participation of viewers
    • panelists will be voted by viewers
    • as platform - for both viewers and panelists only a browser with flash plugin needed
    • chat system and integrated documentation - stream and chatlog are available afterwards instantly
  • video documentation of offline activities
    • professional recording equipment
    • archiving of talks, panels, activities etc.
    • may be used as factual source on Wikipedia articles

We would like to present the idea, the projects done and the current pilot which is being done in the German community. One of the goals of this pilot is to do WikiTV at Wikimania and produce a clip here, another one is to present and spark the idea of WikiTV in at least one other language community. In the long run WikiTV may end up as an independent Wikimedia project, using Wikimedia Commons as storage and providing material to all other Wikimedia projects.

Two additional presenters have been invited:

  • Florian Hackenberger, developer and hoster of
  • Julius Kratky, inventor of switchX and producer at ORF
Track (Wikis and the Public Sector/GLAM - Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums/WikiCulture and Community/Research, Analysis, and Education/Technology and Infrastructure)

WikiCulture and Community

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25 Minutes

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