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Submissions/Wiki Loves Monuments in Austria – Challenges and Solutions

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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Wiki Loves Monuments in Austria – Challenges and Solutions
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Michael Kranewitter and Alexander Wagner
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michael.kranewitterwikimedia.at, alexander.wagnerwikipedia.at
Geiserich77, AleXXw
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Wikimedia Austria
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Wiki Loves Monuments in Austria – Challenges and Solutions

In autumn 2010 Wikipedians from Austria met to discuss an idea to coordinate the work on cultural heritage monuments in their country. There were a lot of discussions about categories and meta stuff, but a real work on this issue was not getting started. Only after individuals created some lists about cultural heritage monuments in different communities, more and more users started to create such lists. Within less then five months about 2400 cultural heritage monuments list were created and dozens of authors began to contribute.

But these not coordinated work became more and more a problem. The lists were created in various layouts and with a different depth of information. Updating such a huge amount of lists and entries was not possible and finding errors only luck of the draw. Furthermore we were asked to participate at Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 and had to focus on an easy way that neebies are able to contribute photos and informations within the contest.

This presentation wants to show the challenges that appeared during our work and the solutions we found. We will talk about the importance of a cooperation with the national monuments office, the useful usage of templates within the lists and the practical aid of bots to unify and update lists or create statistics. We also want to show how we found an easy way for useres to contribute photos during the contest and about a possibility for the further use of the created information. Our presentation will also focus on problems that appeared during the Wiki Loves Monuments contest and the intensive maintenance work which was necassary during the contest.

All in all the presentation and discussion should help participating countries or wikipedias to reduce unnecessary effort and be a little piece of a puzzle that makes Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 a worldwide sucess.

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25 Minutes
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